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Maria Lourenço Cabeleireiros

This place is known as the most digital hairstylist in Europe, which we understand as soon as we walk in: we are immediately enveloped in a truly technological experience that has scanners at our disposal, to give us information about the best products (without having to ask for help), screens, digital product displays...

Still regarding this digital universe: in this salon it’s possible to have a capillary diagnosis done. After we answer a survey, a small camera analyzes our hair. The result? We discover exactly what we need to do for perfect hair!

But this hairstylist is not just about technology. Here, client care is premium. The focus is always on the well being of those who visit, making you smile, feeding your soul and turning beauty into something even more beautiful, in a place where innovation and comfort are always present. All together, it turns a simple trip to your hairstylist into a unique experience!

When we visited the salon, we immediately noticed that the treatment areas are all separated, which guarantees, once again, the client’s ultimate comfort.

Cool Tip: The long hair washes are infinite relaxing moments… Our eyes are covered (so the light doesn’t bother us), and you get a head and neck massage. Enjoy!


Everyday: from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm.