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A happy memory is priceless

We are collectors of happy moments and we want to share the most special, coolest places in each city with you. We want to help you create a tailor made trip, that will surprise you with unforgettable adventures and wonderful moments that you can remember fondly years from now.
We believe that travel is a fantastic phenomenon: it creates precious value, it creates happy memories, which are just treasured more and more over time, and it allow us to discover so much more about the world, but about ourselves as well.
We also know that not every moment is perfect, and that often the places we visit - and that are apparently perfect - are not worth the time we spend on them. On the other hand, we also know that there are places with soul that deserve not one, but many visits!
The must-see spots we share here not only highlight the city’s entire culture and vibrancy, but are also the best places to experience true urban life, an experience based on really feeling the city and on genuine, almost childlike emotions: they have to make us feel ingenuity when it comes to flavors, scents and atmospheres, as if we were a child tasting a unique flavor for the very first time. That’s exactly why the flavors that we remember most from our childhood are those that we still prefer today in a moment of comfort.
The experience of sleeping away from home, staying overnight in an unknown place, has to be something that makes us feel so good that we almost don’t want to go home. This is our new home, even if only for a few days.
We believe that travel is priceless and that the unique memories it gives us are far more important and special than any object. Travel enriches us, makes us happier - this is our happiness bank!