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Museu do Chiado

The museum that spans the history of art in Portugal

Located in the historic city center, in the heart of Chiado, this museum has a priceless cultural value, seeing as it houses the largest Portuguese contemporary art collection. Here, it is possible to visit decades and decades of history, illustrated by the most beautiful works of art.

The Chiado Museum opened to the public in 1911 as a wing in the former St. Francis Convent. After the Chiado fire of 1988, and with the help of French government funds, the museum was rebuilt. Its remodelation was designed by renowned French architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte and reopened in 1994.

Its vast collection dates back to 1850 and comes right up until the present day, preserving some of the largest national contemporary works. It has a permanent exhibition, as well as temporary exhibitions. The temporary exhibitions may or may not be part of the permanent collection. Therefore, exhibitions by national and international artists are frequent.

The museum's architecture itself is also admirable. Certain characteristics of the building were maintained, such as the oven wall, which dates back to the time when the building was a cookie factory.

The Chiado Museum is worth visiting, both by contemporary art lovers, as well as by anyone who is interested in discovering Portuguese cultural heritage.


Tue - Sat: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm