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Estrela Garden

a shining invitation to relax

A romantic inspirational garden, built in the style of true English gardens, could not get a brighter name than “estrela” (which means “star”!) Created in 1842 with donations from the national royalty, Estrela Garden has lush vegetation with beautiful flower beds, blossoming trees and benches that are an invitation for relaxation and contemplation.

The Estrela Garden is a bright outdoor space to relax, socialize, have fun or play sports in. With over 4 hectares of land, it includes two play areas for children, a Municipal Library kiosk, a café that serves light meals and a pond full of carp, not to mention the ducks, swans and peacocks that mingle with those who visit.

A true green oasis in the city of Lisbon, Estrela Garden has a flourishing decor with sculptures adorning it, and where the “Fonte da Vida” (“Fountain of Life”) and “O Cavador” (“The Digger”) definitely stand out. The various exotic plants which originated from the royal woods and the Conde de Ferrobo gardens, as well as the beautiful green wrought iron gazebo, unique in its kind and where concerts are held in the summer, are also worth highlighting.

Cool Tip: The Estrela Garden shines with attractions during the weekend! If you like handmade products, besides visiting the garden, you can also do some shopping at the urban craft fair "Crafts & Design".


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