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Chão do Loureiro Viewpoint

a great surprise from downtown to uptown

The Loureiro do Chão viewpoint is a terrace located on top of a building that was once a market. Recently, the building was restored and transformed into a modern and multifunctional car park that houses, on the roof, a belvedere with a panoramic view over downtown Lisbon and the Tejo River, a restaurant and cafe with outdoor seating, plus a market on the first floor.

The location of the Loureiro do Chão viewpoint is top notch. You can easily get to the top by the panoramic elevator or by climbing the stairs surrounding the lookout or, after a visit to the São Jorge Castle, follow the fortress’ wall until you reach it. Now you can’t say that the Loureiro do Chão viewpoint is not a great pit stop on a walk from downtown to uptown, can you?

If you’re looking for more great details at this viewpoint, you can take a pause from looking out over the city and walk through the car park’s different floors. What will you see there? Several works of urban art that have been created by five national graffiti artists. They are creative pieces of art that will surely amaze you, just as much as the view from the top floor of the Chão do Loureiro lookout. Take a peek!

Cool Tip: while enjoying an authentic Portuguese coffee on the viewpoint’s terrace, make sure you stop and take in Lisbon’s most characteristic points, such as the Santa Justa Lift’s movement, the Carmo Convent, the 25 de Abril Bridge, Cristo Rei, the Triumphal Arch on Augusta Street, the architecture in general... These are the delicious details that make the view of the city even more impressive.