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Bairro Alto

to visit and come back to

Located on Lisbon’s 7th hill, Bairro Alto is one of the city’s oldest and most peculiar neighborhoods, where Lisbon’s animated and fun nightlife became famous. Bairro Alto has a life and characteristics that are all its own and it is definitely a place to visit and come back to as many times as you’d like!

Do you enjoy seeing the transformation from day to night in a specific place? In Bairro Alto you’ll have the opportunity to see this transformation firsthand. During the day it’s a peaceful and quiet neighborhood. After sunset, the nightlife welcomes the movement, transforming the streets into a true festival, full of locals and tourists from different cultures and styles milling around, having a great time.

In addition to the festive atmosphere, along Bairro Alto’s narrow, cobbled streets, you’ll find many typical restaurants, bars and cafes, fado houses and nightclubs where you can have fun all night long.

But don’t be fooled into thinking that during the day Bairro Alto is asleep. You’ll find a bit of everything there, as long as it is intense in joy and life! Under daylight, get lost in the charming details of the typical architecture, peek into secular houses and enjoy the spectacle of color on the balconies with clotheslines full of clothes, without forgetting a visit to the traditional and handmade shops. And don’t forget to challenge yourself to find as many viewpoints as you can.

Cool Tip: For a perfect visit to Bairro Alto, travel up the 7th hill by hopping on one of Lisbon’s famous elevators: Bica or Glória.


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