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It’s a book


Since 2017, this family project brings new life to the universe of children's literature, helping in the dissemination of author editions, in the promotion of fine arts and in offering a differentiating programming. We are talking about It's A Book, of course!

Here the boundaries of children's literature are questioned, and the emphasis is placed on the didactic and artistic side of children's books. More than just a bookstore, this is the place for knowledge and learning (for kids and adults alike!).

It's A Book offers a careful selection of children's books from national publishers, independent editions, and even international proposals (Spanish, French, and Italian) that somehow stand out: be it for their content, illustration, materials... The book here is king, but the truth is that it must be special to earn a throne here. Above all, conceptual, artistic, and didactic quality wins out: the winning trio of children's literature.

The curatorship is what makes It's A Book stand out since, besides exclusive and carefully selected offers, it gives us the guarantee that we are betting on quality with its seal of approval.

But beyond this, It's A Book is also a workshop! It's A Book promotes creative workshops in order to explore the book as an object, to get to know creativity and innovation, and to give wings to the experimentation of the participants. Children from the age of 2 and all adults - because imagination has no age! - are invited by illustrators, writers, and other illustrious figures to explore the universe of books and the plastic arts. These workshops take place practically every Saturday, so all you need to do is pay attention not to miss the schedule.

This is a multifaceted place to find the perfect gift for the young ones, and simultaneously promote fun family moments! The little ones will love the workshops - especially if they take home a fun book!

Cool Tip: It's A Book also has an online store, so you can get to know the proposals of this cool space from home and buy without leaving the couch!


Tuesday to Friday: from 1 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Saturdays: from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.