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An ode to the best of Portugal.

Between ceramic objects, serigraphy, jewelry, lamps, clothing, wallets and even paintings... at ICON everything is Portuguese and everything has a super cool and positive vibe.

Here, new Portuguese creators are highlighted. The owners, Maria Manuela Lacerda and Inês Mendes, take special care when choosing the pieces and brands sold here and their curatorship makes everything even more exclusive. And it really couldn’t have any other name – this is truly an iconic store that you just have to visit and revisit whenever possible.

Maria and Inês have been friends for decades and at ICON they made their common dream come true: create a stage for the very best of Portugal and promote not only renowned artists, but also the new generations of creators, who bring new ideas and new concepts to the table. We’re not lying when we say that this is one of the most creative stores in Lisbon.

Bárbara Assis Pacheco, Inês Telles, Cláudia Baeta, The Red Wolf, Margarida Gorgulho, Tomaz e Kali are just some of the names you’ll find at ICON which, despite being small in size, is huge in charm and attention to detail. It’s impossible to leave here empty handed – especially because there are options for all kinds of styles and bank accounts.

If you’re looking for a special gift, ICON may very well be the ideal place for that purchase.

Cool Tip: The small room to the left side of the door (the one we see in the window display) temporarily receives Portuguese artists who can work on their creations in this space and simultaneously introduce them to the public. How special is it to have a piece handcrafted just for us? And even more so, to be able to witness its creation process? Irresistible!


De segunda-feira a sábado: das 10h30 às 19h30.