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Conserveira de Lisboa

Since 1930

Founded in 1930 as Mercearia do Minho, the Conserveira de Lisboa remains faithful to the establishment’s old values and sees itself as a credible bridge between production and customers. The principles of traditional commerce are on clear display, thanks to personalized relationships and the family’s main goal: maintain its three trademarks (Tricana, Prata do Mar and Minor) in 27 countries. The Conserveira de Lisboa is an authentic traditional store with an unusual diversity of products that remain true to themselves.

The years go by, but tradition stays the same. The main counter, shelves and office weren’t altered in any way, keeping with the style of 1930s shops, and the products sold – canned goods – are the key factor in a city where such small and specific establishments have been disappearing over time.

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Seg - Sab: 9 am - 7 pm