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A break full of flavor

It could go unnoticed to the most inattentive eyes, but Break presents us with the perfect break from routine (or vacation) in Lisbon and deserves to be highlighted.

The aesthetics of the place takes us to a tropical environment that matches perfectly with the juices that are served at the various tables. The Break, by Vanda Martins, is everything we could ask for a relaxed breakfast, a brunch or a lighter lunch – Vanda welcomes us with the same kindness with which she welcomes her friends at home and that makes the difference, as does the good mood of the team.

In a very familiar atmosphere, it's time to order: a French Toast (which the most greedy will love, thanks to the sugar and cinnamon mixture, the mascarpone and the red berries), a Marseille (the avocado toast with toasted chickpeas and poached egg you'll want to try), a croissant with Nutella (you can't go wrong with this choice, but the light dough of the croissant makes everything better), a juice of the day (which varies depending on the fruit available, on our visit it was mango and strawberry), a latte, and a strawberry lemonade. If we were asked to choose only one option... we couldn't, because there were other options left untried (the pancakes and yogurts, for example)!

The comfort food is the star. We left Break satisfied, wanting to return and certain that we should recommend it to our friends. Even though the space is not very big – and therefore it is not always easy to get a table, which is why we suggest reservations – it is one of those spaces that is really waiting for a visit and that you won't regret to explore.

Cool Tip: If you reserve the space, Break opens for dinner and this could be the place for your next private event.


Tuesday to Saturday: from 9 a.m to 6 p.m.
Sunday: from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.