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K.O.B by Olivier

Knowledge of Beef

The name says it all, in the most subtle of ways. K.O.B is an acronym for "Knowledge of Beef" and that's enough to foresee what lies ahead: aged meat – be it Portuguese, Japanese or Australian – is the queen around here.

K.O.B is another one of Chef Olivier’s restaurants where we can easily predict the quality of the dishes even before they arrive at the table. The menu leaves us feeling undecided but, regardless of our choice, we know that we’ll leave the restaurant satisfied and dying to return to this modern spot that favors premium service.

The meat, tender and cooked perfectly, couldn’t be tastier and the trimmings take it to a whole new and amazing level. For starters, be sure to taste the black pudding sausages from the Azores. The American Ribeye steak is the perfect choice for meat lovers and comes with a beautiful side of grilled asparagus and tomato, cheese and mint salad. And, if you still have some room left, try the K.O.B apple pie – you won’t be disappointed.

Cool Tip: Before heading to dinner at K.O.B, enjoy a walk through the Príncipe Real Botanical Garden.


Mon - Fri: 12:30 pm - 3 pm | 8 pm - 12 am
Bar: until 2 pm
Sat - Sun: closed for lunch