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Chapitô à mesa

an experience to remember

By the walls of S. Jorge Castle, and with an astounding view of Lisbon, is Chapitô à mesa, with its space divided into three concepts: a snack house, a terrace/viewpoint where everything is coal-grilled and, on the first floor, an exquisite restaurant.

The restaurant is a part of the famous circus arts school Chapitô, which is also known because of its strong cultural, educational and social component. When one enters the space, it’s easy to understand that this is a place where different people come together, giving the restaurant a more informal feel. As Chef Bertílio Gomes told us, it’s very likely that next to a table where there is an executive dinner going on, you’ll find a group of youngsters from the circus school. And it’s this multicultural environment that makes this place unique.

Once you go up the spiral staircase that leads to the restaurant, the amazing view will make you breathless for a moment… There are no words to describe the incredible view that presents itself before our eyes! While pleasant background music plays, long before the food arrives, the experience has already begun…

The Portugal-inspired food does the view justice, completing the exquisite experience. We have to point out the delicious red shrimp with leek and, for those who like meat, the roasted duck leg with citrinus. For a great finish, delight yourself with a smooth burnt black tea cream with bergamot and ginger and cinnamon cookies.

Our suggestion: make a reservation for a table by the window and have your dinner at a time that will allow you to view the sunset from the first row. It will be a moment to remember forever!


Every day: 12:00pm – 01:00am | Closed: Jun 12th and Dec 25th