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Village Underground Lisbon

A co-work spot that is on track

After a season in London, Mariana Duarte Silva came back to Portugal, bringing with her a suitcase filled with ideas about creating a Village Underground in Lisbon. With the support of the railway company Carris and the Lisbon City Hall, this became possible and the project came alive in the Carris Museum.

Composed of 14 maritime containers and 2 disabled buses, Village Underground Lisbon is a co-work space for creative activities, as well as a venue for cultural events. There are 60 available spots for those who want to work in this type of networking space, which is equal parts creative, cultural and cool. Each container or bus can be shared by five people. Prices vary between 150 and 200 Euros per person per month and include internet, electricity and air conditioning. Each person must bring their own table and chair. Foreigners who need a space to work temporarily will find an exclusive container designed just for them and that can be rented by the hour, starting at 30€.

The Village Undergound is always ready to receive more people. At this time, it already has the following coworkers: Channel 180, Vice magazine, the musicians “Macacos do Chinês”, two lawyers, a writer, the architecture studio LIKEarchitects, the studio of Gustavo Rodrigues, Sal (a swimsuit brand) and Buzico (theater producer; artists and acrobats agency).

Always in contact with Village Underground London, many synergies and exchanges are now possible. Take this train, have fun and work hard.