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São Pedro de Alcântara Viewpoint

a complete panoramic view of Lisbon

Did you save your breath by catching a lift with the Glória Elevator from downtown Lisbon up to the São Pedro de Alcântara viewpoint? Now it’s time to take a deep breath and hold it so that you can let out a huge sigh of admiration once you see the amazing lookout that is surrounded by peculiar Lisbon details.

Whether you decide on a day or night visit, you must take a few hours to enjoy the most beautiful views of Lisbon at the São Pedro de Alcântara lookout. Being there is the perfect invitation to enjoy a geometric garden composed of statues of heroes and gods from Greek and Roman mythology, such as Minerva and Ulysses; as well as complete and privileged panoramic views of the São Jorge Castle and its walls, the Alfama neighborhood and the city center.

If you are detail-oriented by nature, have fun with the lookout’s telescope and enjoy each and every small detail that the view has to offer: the Tejo River and Lisbon’s many new areas such as its wide avenues, modern and old buildings with its many types of peculiar rooftops and the Cathedral, among other features.

If sighing over Lisbon’s many details has you lost among so many of the viewpoint’s peculiarities, take a look at the tile panel with the city map represented, located next to the telescope. This tile panel was created by Fred Kradolfer, in 1952, and is there to facilitate orientation, just like a real map of Lisbon. Perfect, right?

At the São Pedro de Alcântara viewpoint, it is not only pleasant to rest under the trees that compose it, relaxing in one of the many comfortable seats available. It is also one of the most popular spots for meeting up with friends at night, especially before heading out to the famous Bairro Alto nightlife.

Cool Tip: remember that in the evening the view from the São Pedro de Alcântara lookout is even more spectacular thanks to its charming sunset and, at night, when Lisbon’s lights come on, the city transforms completely. When in doubt... don’t hesitate to visit this viewpoint, day or night!