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Santo Amaro Viewpoint

a quiet and interesting spot

The best way to see, admire and be charmed by Lisbon is through its viewpoints. Whether you want to capture the view through photographs and drawings, relax under a tree, hang out with friends... the Santo Amaro viewpoint is open to each and every one of these suggestions.

Located on the Santo Amaro walkway, next to a small chapel with the same name – classified as a national monument since 1910 – the Santo Amaro viewpoint is a hidden wonder within the streets and hills of Lisbon.

Almost always deserted, it became a perfect getaway for those seeking a quiet and interesting place from where to enjoy privileged views of the Tejo River and the 25 de Abril Bridge.

Cool Tip: the view from this lookout becomes epic when the sun goes down and the lights begin to emerge, illuminating Lisbon. Next, it is the moon that bathes the river, casting a special magic over the entire view.


Open every day