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Santa Catarina Viewpoint

to observe right from the top

The Santa Catarina viewpoint, also known as the Adamastor viewpoint, is located on one of Lisbon’s seven hills and is famous not only as a lookout, but also as a retreat for observers. Tradition tells us that, between the 16th and 18th centuries, this was the place to admire the ships on the water, one of them being the helpless departure of the Portuguese royal family to Brazil, from which resulted the popular proverb "seeing ships from the top of Santa Catarina".

Accept the invitation of one of the several marble benches at the Santa Catarina viewpoint to sit and see much more than ships from up high... to contemplate the comfort of its garden, the Tejo River landscape, the 25 de Abril Bridge, the Christ the King statue, downtown Lisbon and the next door neighborhood of Madragoa... Take in each little detail!

The Santa Catarina viewpoint has a young, relaxed and very busy atmosphere, where tourists and locals mingle with musicians and street performers. In addition to the privileged view, the lookout has a nice kiosk where fans of terraces go to have a coffee or a drink and to admire the sunrise or the sunset over the Tejo River.

Cool Tip: the Santa Catarina viewpoint is the most amazing place in Lisbon to photograph the landscape that surrounds the 25 de Abril Bridge and the Christ the King statue, especially at dusk when both are reflected in the Tejo River waters. In the afternoon, this place is the perfect spot for mingling, because it is full of life and outdoor entertainment.


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