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Design and Fashion in over 2500 objects

MUDE – The Museum of Design and Fashion, which includes Francisco Capelo’s collection, is a free museum, displaying over 2500 objects.

After hopping from one place to the next during some time, the Lisbon City Council finally found a home for MUDE in downtown Lisbon, more precisely on a block between Rua Augusta and Rua da Prata. The peculiarity of this place is that the building is not fully prepared for this purpose, but the reality is that there are reasons that speak louder and, although all its museum-like features are still visibly under construction, MUDE opened its doors to visitors and exhibitions. These displays are not exclusively dedicated to product and fashion design, but open their arms to the concept of design in its various expressions during the 20th century, following all that is contemporary and showing the 21st century’s new trends and ways.

The museum’s life is not stagnate: there are rehearsal rooms for the presentation of Artist Residencies, Workshops and Laboratories or rooms for exhibitions of prototypes and industrial products, all with a consistent schedule that includes conferences, courses, workshops and laboratories, international meetings, guided tours and educational publications.

If you’re a fan of design, this is a must stop in Lisbon.


Tue- Sun - 10:00 am- 18:00 pm. Closed on Mondays.