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Farmácia Museum

the evolution of the Portuguese pharmacy

Whether you’re a healthcare professional or simply an appreciator, you can’t miss this museum that represents the importance of the pharmacist profession. Whatever allergy, irritation or pain symptoms you’re experiencing, they will certainly be cured before the responsibility that the health and well-being relics of the Farmácia Museum have for show.

Comprised by the private collection of Dr. Salgueiro Basso, donated in 1981 to the National Association of Pharmacies, the Farmácia Museum has many pieces, which feature bottles of secret medicine, medieval and conventual relics, retorts and pharmacopoeia, flasks and 17th century oriental-influenced pharmacy earthenware.

The genuine reconstructions of ancient pharmacies from different establishments, such as the Barbosa Pharmacy, the Tai Neng Tong Pharmacy and the traditional Chinese pharmacy from Macau, are also noteworthy.

At the Farmácia Museum we found a very peculiar heritage that includes not only the history of man, but also how each civilization found the solution to their survival using medication.

There is a collection with over 15,000 archaeological and historical pieces related to pharmacy practices in different times and places in the world such as Rome, Greece, Mesopotamia, Arabia, Mesoamerica, China, Macau and Japan.

Pharmaceutical machines, equipment and specialties such as Terra Nova Cod Liver Oil represent the beginning of the manufacture of medicinal products in the small community pharmacy laboratories.

These spaces, chronologically recreated to tell the pharmacy story, allow us to immediately perceive the evolution of the Portuguese pharmacy, from the late 15th century to the present day and age.

Cool Tip: visit the Farmácia Museum towards the end of the day. That way, you have a good reason to stick around and have a delicious dinner at Chef Susana Felicidade’s restaurant, which is also full of pharmaceutical relics.


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