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Casa dos Bicos

the José Saramago Foundation house

In the Alfama district you can find one of Lisbon’s most peculiar houses, inspired by Italian Renaissance architecture and built in the 16th century. In 2010 it received the José Saramago Foundation, which aims to preserve and promote the life and work of the renowned Nobel Prize in Literature.

In this house you can learn more about the writer José Saramago, from the time that he translated books up until the works he wrote; a visit that includes some curiosities along the way. Another curiosity about this place is that José Saramago’s ashes are scattered in front of the Casa dos Bicos, right next to an olive tree.

In this space there are also two libraries, Saramago’s personal library and another one deposited by the General Vasco Gonçalves’ family, which can be consulted just like in a studies and research center.

In addition to the José Saramago Foundation, here you can also visit part of the Cerca Moura, which you’ll find on the first floor. Cerca Moura is part of Lisbon’s ancient defensive wall that once passed through here, and which has been recovered.

A truly unique space for its architecture and for the person it represents. We believe that your visit will end with a tender smile, just because you got to know the extraordinary José Saramago a little better. And you’ll definitely feel a certain nostalgia, a very typical Portuguese feeling.


Mon - Sat: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm (Last entry – 5:30 pm) | Closed: 1st Jan and 25th Dec