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Cabine de Leitura

loving and sharing books

It is an English phone booth, but the invitation is not to make phone calls – the idea is to spark the interest in donating, receiving, and discovering books. In an unexpected spot, the reuse of a telephone booth has created an outdoor "self-service" mini-library that is both unique and inviting.

The “Cabine de Leitura” (“Reading Booth”), inaugurated in 2014 on the Londres Square, is a community initiative by the Areeiro Commerce Association, also embraced by the Portugal Telecom Foundation. With the goal of strengthening community ties, as well as fostering the love and sharing of books, the booth is a creative way to circulate literary works from various sources.

In order to encourage reading by sharing, the booth has a very simple and informal dynamic: just bring a book that you would like others to get to know and take another book to read. It is a dynamic that is not based on deadlines and fees, but established by trust.

The collection includes over 200 books of various genres, but not all of them are exhibited because of the shortage of space in the phone booth. The novels and children's books are the most sought after by readers from ages 5 to 85, especially those from the neighborhood, who every day deliver and borrow books from the booth.

This “Reading Booth” is one of a kind in Lisbon. Come visit this cool literary space, but don’t forget to bring a book you want to share!

Cool Tip: the “Reading Booth” has a very friendly neighborhood. If you like the idea of an open-air library, besides bringing a good book with you, you can also switch up your armchair from home and sit down to read on a local terrace or on any one of the many benches on Londres Square.


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