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Atelier-Museum Júlio Pomar

learn more about Portuguese art and culture

Júlio Pomar was a Portuguese painter who experienced different eras and political contexts, absorbing plastic art influences and, at the same time, breaking the rules on them. He developed a collection of work that was donated to the Júlio Pomar Foundation. These stand out as one of the most significant expressions of contemporary Portuguese artistic creation. At the Atelier-Museum Júlio Pomar you’ll experience a series of plastic developments that encompass everything from neorealism to modernity.

1850 is the date that the recorded history of contemporary works exhibited at the Atelier-Museum Júlio Pomar began. The collection includes hundreds of works; there is always a permanent exhibition and temporary exhibitions by national and international artists – from paintings, engravings, collages, sculptures, drawings, ceramics and even assemblage. All of which aim to preserve, promote and deepen the knowledge of Júlio Pomar’s work in its various aspects, such as the encouragement of critical reflection and the debate surrounding the arts and contemporary culture.

In addition to contemporary art, at the Atelier-Museum Júlio Pomar it is also possible to contemplate a documentary and bibliographic collection composed of books and catalogs, newspaper articles, among other historical records that allow the creation of a timeline for the work of artists according to era and background, all of which assists in understanding their aesthetic and socio-cultural impact.

The Atelier-Museum Júlio Pomar is a place that should be visited by both contemporary art enthusiasts and those interested in learning more about Portuguese art and culture.


Tue – Sun: 10:00 am – 01:00 pm | 02:00 pm - 06:00 pm | Closed: Jan 1st, Easter Sunday and Dec 25th