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Labirinto Lisboa

returning to the capital’s frightening past

Portugal has a dark past of distorted legends lost in the mists of time. The thought of reliving those legends inside the catacombs of Labirinto Lisboa never crossed you mind, did it? What if Portugal’s darkest inhabitants invited you for an unforgettable return to the capital’s frightening past… would you resist?

What happens when you mix a passion for haunted houses and many years’ experience in tourism? Study, research and a knowledge of the horror attractions market came together to offer a truly terrifying experience, where evil spirits bring back to life the happenings, legends and characters of Portuguese history.

Labirinto Lisboa is a horror house with its own exclusively Portuguese identity that scares and entertains anyone looking for a unique experience and a knowledge of the darker, more sinister side of Portuguese history that can never be experienced when visiting monuments or the other usual spots.

Many bodies have been lost in the Labyrinth. Ricardo Rodrigues – who first envisioned the Labirinto Lisboa horror house – told us that some mortals gave up on following the shadowy paths on the very first room, besides having found lost objects, seen people paralyzed by fear or having panic attacks, or other terrifying situations. But none of that brings down the dosage of fright and scares, these are, after all, common episodes in a haunted house and a sign that one is doing their job, which is scaring people, with authenticity!

Lisbon can be proud of its scary attractions, and the monsters of the Labyrinth are all dying to meet you.

And watch out! If you turn out to be "The Chosen One" during your visit to the horror house, then you’ll have a reason to die of fright! Will you survive? Give this unique and terrifying experience a try!


Wed, Thu and Sun: 5:00 pm – 10:00 pm | Fri – Sat: 5:00 pm – 12:00 am