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Mercador Luxury Apartments


After the 1755 earthquake, Giovani Grossi, a Milanese plasterer, was commissioned to decorate a palace in the Rococo style. In recent years, the Palace underwent conservation and restoration works and its entire splendor is once again visible in every single detail. The old Palace has been transformed into luxury apartments that welcome us with inspiration from the past.

There are three suites available (D. Joao – Johannine style, it seeks to convey a rich period through symmetry and tiles –, D. Manuel – inspired by naturalism and by this "adventurous" king – and Dª Maria – a neoclassical suite, with simple, neat and refined lines) but, whichever you choose, we know you'll be delighted with every detail, every tile and every decorative element. These relics from the past deserve to be appreciated.

Cool Tip: It is possible to hold events in these luxury apartments. Surprise your guests by receiving them in a stunning, detail-filled room.

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See this hotel's prices now
See this hotel's prices now