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LX Boutique Hotel

The hotel that speaks the city’s language

The LX Boutique Hotel, with the motto "Lisbon Xperience", has a mission: to make their guests feel and truly live Lisbon, bringing this experience to its peak. The building, the former Hotel Bragança, is a landmark in the city’s history, because it was the preferred hotel of the poet Fernando Pessoa where, in room 201, he wrote some of his works.

Upon entering the LX Boutique Hotel, we immediately realized it is a very particular space. Along with the decor, where every detail translates into comfort, it is divided into thematic floors, which tell us so much about beautiful Lisbon – Baixa, Tejo, Pessoa, Fado and, on the top floor, the 7colinas (7hills).
The Hotel is perfectly located in the heart of Lisbon, which give guests a blend of experiences. Divided into two concepts, city light and riverfront, it is the only downtown hotel with rooms overlooking the Tejo River.

LX Boutique Hotel aims to provide its visitors with a comfortable stay, as if it was the home of a friend from Lisbon. The hotel's bar/restaurant, Confraria LX, is open to the general public and stands out with its cosmopolitan atmosphere. During the night, with the help of candles and candelabrums, the space is transformed and offers yet another unique experience.

The "Lisbon Xperience" begins right in the morning. Be sure to taste the exquisite and varied breakfast, where all the delicious pastries come from Tartine.

We also recommend flipping through the Placebook, especially those who are unfamiliar with Lisbon. Divided into categories, Placebook is a book that is available at the reception, which brings together the city’s best experiences, reported by the voice of those who have already come through here.

More than just experiencing Lisbon, at the LX Boutique Hotel, Lisbon is a shared experience!

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See this hotel's prices now