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Living Lounge Hostel

Where creativity lives

The location couldn’t be better! The Living Lounge Hostel is right in the heart of Lisbon, near Chiado and two steps away from a subway station, making life so much easier for its guests.

Upon entering the Living Lounge Hostel, you’ll come face to face with the beautiful decor. Creativity is constant and the atmosphere is warm and informal, but with quite sophisticated features, without ever forgetting the guests’ well-being. Respecting the concept "lounge", there are several rooms where you can relax and unwind; and there is even a bar with drinks available 24 hours.

"Everything was prepared as if it was for us, a place where we would love to stay," says Inês, one of the hostel’s partners. The mission of this space is to give guests the best possible experience, offering maximum comfort, safety and friendliness, as if it were a family home. There is always a chef who prepares dinner and breakfast is delicious.

Together with some friends they invited, it was the hostel’s staff who decorated the rooms. There are 23 rooms in total, all with décor inspired by the Lisbon culture. There are dormitories with 8, 6 or 4 beds, but the hostel also has individual rooms for those looking for a little more privacy.

That Lisbon has the best hostels in the world, we already knew... But discovering the Living Lounge Hostel made us understand why!