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Inspira Santa Marta Hotel

the harmony of feng shui in a hotel

Faithful to the principles of feng shui, just one step into the Inspira Boutique Hotel’s large lobby is all you need to feel a flow of positive energy.

Inspira Boutique Hotel was designed to offer comfort and tranquility to visitors of the bustling city of Lisbon during all moments of their stay.

Before we got to our room, we walked through the large spaces and corridors whose simple and sophisticated décor was illuminated by rays of natural light. Whenever possible, the room is assigned to each guest according to their date of birth. The date of birth is used to make a calculation that determines whether the guest will have a more balanced stay in a wood, metal, fire, earth or water room. The balance between the visitor’s "I" and the room’s atmosphere, recreated according to one of the five feng shui elements (metal, wood, fire, earth and water), is vital in order to help you feel calm and comfortable during your stay. We were given the water room, where we relaxed, flooded by the tranquility that only shades of blue can invoke.

If you're looking for a quiet stay, but want to wake up in the heart of Lisbon, then the Inspira Boutique Hotel is what you seek.

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