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Hotel Memmo Alfama

a home in the heart of the city

In one of Lisbon’s most iconic neighborhoods, exists a boutique hotel that provides its visitors not only with a home away from home, but also one of the most special views over the Tejo river and Alfama.

In addition to the cozy rooms, and the suite overlooking the Tejo river, the terrace and bar, with a cool water mirror, will transform any stay or visit to this hotel into something truly unforgettable.

The decor is contemporary and timeless, the breakfast is a la carte, and everything is prepared on the spot and with products of Portuguese origin. There is also a common fridge with drinks and snacks available, so that guests feel completely at home.

In the hall there are postcards and drawings left by those who have passed through here, and everyone is encouraged to leave their mark too, after all, this space was home for a few days. It is obvious that there is a mission to give each person an experience of Portuguese hospitality at its best.

Whenever possible, Memmo Alfama invites guests to a tour of Alfama, where the idea is to help them settle in and discover all the cool spots they simply cannot miss during their stay.

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See this hotel's prices now
See this hotel's prices now