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Hotel da Estrela

a trip back to old school days

Perfectly integrated into the neighborhood spirit of Campo de Ourique, the Hotel da Estrela offers a trip down memory lane, to old school days, where chalkboards and world maps opened the doors to the endless universe of knowledge.

Hotel da Estrela’s personality is unique, as is the spirit of the neighborhood that hosts it. A small, friendly hotel, whose rooms are decorated with vintage pieces, recovered from old schools. From shorthand typewriters to test tubes, without forgetting sculptures and chalk paintings on blackboards, the atmosphere of knowledge breathes life into all of the hotel’s corners.

The 19 rooms, which stand out because of their natural light and irreverent green tones, are distributed over three floors. If you peek out the window, you’ll discover a magnificent view of the city, as well as a romantic garden, where small passions bubble during lovely afternoon picnics.

Centrally located, but far enough from the city’s hustle and bustle, the Hotel da Estrela promises you a well-deserved night's rest after your voyages of discovery through the streets of Lisbon.

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See this hotel's prices now
See this hotel's prices now