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Hotel Valverde

For a peaceful night's sleep

Hotel Valverde gives us a peaceful night's sleep and helps restore energy. Resembling typical New York town houses, a classic vibe, associated to works of art and antiques, stands out.
The decorative pieces, the light, the comfort... The entire space is treated carefully and Hotel Valverde stands out from the surrounding hotels. This is an intimate boutique hotel that offers us an out of the ordinary pool area and that makes us feel at home. In fact, staying at Hotel Valverde is like staying at the home of a good friend with all the perks we desire, along with luxury appointments. A charming hotel that deserves a visit.

Cool Tip: Lisbon’s best shops can be found on Liberdade Avenue. Take advantage of the hotel's location and get lost between storefronts and renowned international brands.

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See this hotel's prices now
See this hotel's prices now