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The coolest t-shirts in Lisbon

As you stroll down the famous Augusta Street, there is a window display that strikes our attention. It is the Typographia window, a really cool t-shirt shop. The t-shirts are about Lisbon, but they depict the city with a new perspective. The best cotton fabrics and creative minds of those who live and love Lisbon are brought together and the result couldn’t be better! T-shirts with unique prints, that are creative and stylish.

The store is also the office where the creative ideas are born. The team consists of illustrators, designers and humorists, all with the same mission: to create t-shirts with illustrations of Lisbon, which go beyond the obvious.

The brand started its journey in Lisbon, in 2010, and since then have opened in Madrid and Barcelona. They work with local talent and the products always allude to the place in which they operate, which means that the t-shirts differ from store to store. They are proud of their work and claim that they have some of the coolest t-shirts ever made!


Every day: 10:00 am - 09:00 pm