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Tell a Story

The coolest mobile bookstore in Lisbon

Tell the Story circulates through Lisbon with the goal of introducing foreigners to one of the biggest Portuguese treasures – literature – and challenges them to discover Portugal through the perspectives of writers who exalt it. From Pessoa to Peixoto, from Queiroz to Sousa Tavares, from Torga to Lobo Antunes, from Sophia to Saramago, Tell the Story brings together many types of stories and writing in one van, whose mission is to bring books to people with different lifestyles.

The works of Portuguese authors are translated into Spanish, French, English and Italian and, despite the fact that Tell a Story doesn’t have a fixed address, it can be found at the most popular tourist spots (Belém, Príncipe Real and Cais do Sodré are some of them). The blue van will definitely not go unnoticed.


Tue- Sun: 10am – 8pm