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SMEG Store

Appliances with personality

SMEG is already known by everyone due to the flagship store in Chiado.

With over 200 products that the interior design enthusiasts will love to discover, this store is located in a seductive and engaging building - entering the SMEG Store is an inspiring experience.

Nowadays, an elegant and comfy kitchen is essential in every home. After all, that is where we create memorable memories with family and friends, and spend wonderful moments, right? SMEG thinks the same way, and supported by this pillar, the brand works in order to contribute to the happy stories created at home.

In contrast with traditional brands, SMEG invests in the design, exclusivity, and quality. The appliances are not only useful and functional, they must also have an aestheticcharacter, that defines its identity. That is why SMEG works with top worldwide architects, a tradition that began over 30 years ago with the Classic series, and which is the embodiment of the success and the quality existing in a “Made in Italy”.

SMEG’s products are timeless and, to prove that fact, the older models are still cool all over the globe. Therefore, when it comes to remodelling or designing your kitchen, SMEG can be an exceptional ally.

Creating projects with aesthetically coordinated appliances is the brand’s proposal. A hob, an oven, a microwave, a stove, a refrigerator… All must coexist in harmony to create a place where we feel good.

To provide exceptional service, SMEG Store’s team - dedicated and attentive, we must say! - introduces all the products, its functionalities and programs, even allowing some tests so the customers can actually know each appliance.

At Chiado’s Store, in particular, you will find everything you need to embellish your kitchen. Small appliances (such as toasters, kettles, or kitchen robots) live happily among the classic refrigerators, as well the most elegant proposals for chimneys, wine cellars, stoves or ovens.

Cool Tip: SMEG has partnerships with giant brands known worldwide. Take a look at the irreverent refrigerator created with Mini - the Cooper S - or the partnerships with Dolce & Gabbana and Fiat. Despite being limited editions, they say a lot about SMEG’s DNA, and certainly will inspire you to renovate your kitchen!


Monday to Friday: from 10.30 AM to 7.30 PM
Saturday: from 11.30 AM to 7.30 PM