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Maria João Bahia

Jewelry with personality

Authentic, with a lot of personality and owner of her own style, Maria João Bahia names the brand of jewels that she founded and that characterizes her. Her jewels, always with great significance, are true works of art and leave no one indifferent.

Maria João made her brand grow, putting a lot of herself in every piece she creates, thus differentiating herself from the usual jewelry stores, tracing a winning path, both at national and international level. Mara João Bahia is a reference and an example of what’s best done in Portugal.

The inspiration for her work also passes by her clients. In fact, Maria João does very personalized works, which allows those who visit her to acquire jewels that also tell stories.

After the success of her first venue, at Hotel D. Pedro, the opportunity has arisen to converge the whole business in a wonderful place, in a typical Pombaline building, in the middle of Avenida da Liberdade. It has 5 floors, where the store, her atelier and the administrative services are. We had the opportunity to visit it and, in addition to the jewelry creation, we were also able to appreciate her design collection and make a jewelry workshop.

During the workshop, where we learned a lot about jewelry and precious stones, we had the pleasure of talking with Maria João and understand how she applies her creativity in the execution of all the jewels she creates. We also realized just how manual and personalized this art is - in fact, it takes years of savoir-faire to create the perfect piece.

Cool Tip: Besides creating unique jewels, and with a lot of personality, Maria João also creates new pieces from already existing jewels. There’s always that jewel that goes from generation to generation, with a priceless value, that you can’t use because you can't identify with it. Why not give it a new life, keeping the same value as ever?


Monday to Saturday: 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.