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Lisbon Duck Store

A tribute to the traditional rubber duck

The idea of opening a shop entirely dedicated to rubber ducks arose when two brothers, Francisco and João, met (by chance) the Barcelona Duck Store and were curious about the concept that attracted all kinds of people - they thought it could work in Lisbon and immediately looked for the mother-shop (in Amsterdam), which allowed them to open Lisbon Duck Store, in Rua da Madalena.

At Lisbon Duck Store there's a duck for every occasion, and it's that variety that makes it so fun. Here, you'll find the ducks that symbolize entire families (the grooms, the baby, the grandparents, the mother, among others), professions (the doctor, the pilot, the engineer, the judge, and many more), animals, sports, movie characters, celebrities, the list keeps on going. Star Wars fans, we doubt you'll resist a Duck Vader!

Lisbon Duck Store is eccentric, colorful and artistic, and it's also a store where people from all over the world and of any age return to childhood to discover the new versions of the typical rubber toy.

Given that we find around 500 different rubber duck models here, you can't leave the Duck Store empty-handed or without a smile on your face!

Cool Tip: In 2018, Lisbon Duck Store created a new duck, honoring Lisbon. The main inspiration was the tile duck, and it's one of the best-sellers.


Every day: from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.