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Chapelaria D’Aquino

classic hats with a modern touch

There are many hats, but unique handmade hats that fit perfectly, are few and far between... but those can be found at the hat shop Chapelaria D’Aquino.

Rita Rua and Ana Silva belong to families that both have hat shops in town, and together they decided to create a modern hat shop that stays true to the classic hat.

The hat shop’s name, D'Aquino, is a tribute to Rita’s great-grandfather, who once had a hat shop in Lisbon with the same name. Here you’ll find all types of hats. The Portuguese style hat for horseback riding, the derby hat, the wide-brimmed hat, the short-brimmed hat, the old top hat and the turban, which is so in vogue these days.

Made in Portugal, these hats are handmade from the mold until the moment they are sewed together. They are the perfect accessory for a classic and elegant look.


Mon - Sat: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm