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Minimalism with Life

Casanova is an interior design project that was born in the online world, but in 2018 gained a new address due to the need that clients demonstrated - to see the objects, touch the fabrics, feel the pieces. Lígia, the designer behind the name, realized that it was important to preserve Casanova’s identity, and so she opened a store that stands out from all the others.

The renewed space is a good example of the innovation and growth of this project. Divided into two areas, the store itself and a pop-up window (whose scenarios are constantly changing and surprising), this store in Rua das Praças is very inviting, both for the themes that give a new life to this small showroom every month, and for the wonderful corners that are recreated in the interior by Lígia.

Comfort, tidiness and tranquility are well-represented characteristics in the choice of colors that convey these pleasant moods, as well as a natural taste for Nordic design. The store's motto is "to make room for happiness" – at Casanova you will find tempting proposals that give primacy to minimalism without forgetting functionality and aesthetics. Here, every single object comes to life!

The exquisite attention to detail, combined with a schedule that is compatible with the urban life of a large city such as our capital, and which make this place very accessible, highlight this spot as a must go if you’re visiting Lisbon.

Cool Tip: : Besides being a very different concept (for the better) of a home decor store, it’s also a great place to buy a little gift for the ones we love!


From Wednesday to Saturday: from 13:00 to 20:00