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Bettina & Niccolò Corallo

Chocolate from heaven

In reality, it doesn’t come from heaven, but from a family plantation located in São Tomé and Príncipe. In Bettina & Niccolò Corallo’s aromatic and friendly spot, located in the heart of Príncipe Real, you’ll find – by smell alone – a beautiful smiling family with a huge passion for chocolate and coffee.

This space is not only about chocolate; the coffee that comes from the plantation in São Tomé, is also grown, roasted and ground by the same hands that create these heavenly chocolates. Try coming by here early in the morning and wake up with the aroma of their extremely fresh coffee.

These chocolates point directly to the heart of those who truly love this real nectar of the gods. A variety of chocolate exists, normally and preferably in percentages of 100%, 80% and 75% cocoa.

One of the highlights goes to the cocoa sorbet, made with 100% chocolate – a real treat for those who appreciate the true taste of chocolate. The way it dissolves in the mouth will make anyone stop thinking and start feeling.

For those who prefer warmer treats, their hot chocolate will be an explosion of flavor on a cold day. Here, the hot chocolate is also 100% chocolate, no milk.

Some of the other products that you can find here include the delicious Calabria orange and ginger sweet rolls, topped with 75% chocolate; a double layer chocolate cake with caramel cream filling, sprinkled with sea salt; without forgetting the tasty brownies, among many other varieties of chocolate deliciousness. Special attention is always given to the season of the year and to the products that are added to the chocolate, in order to create true temptations.

This is not just a family business that travels the world, it is knowledge aimed at the sustainable production of a product that is lovingly handled from the moment it is planted, through roasting, until the moment it delights those who simply cannot resist.


Mon - Sat: 10:00 am - 07:30 pm | Closed: 25th Dec and 1st Jan