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The Therapist

Colourful, tasty, and therapeutic food

"The Therapist" is the functional cuisine restaurant in LxFactory, Lisbon.

More than just a restaurant, the place promotes well-being and balance between body and mind through healthy, conscious, and natural food. And besides being a restaurant with a menu full of tasty options, "The Therapist" also includes: a clinic with nutrition appointments to help you with your choices, a Lab with several workshops, and a bulk shop, where you can buy your favorite ingredients.

Healthy eating has never been so easy, yet choosing just one dish has never been so difficult! At "The Therapist" there are four menus with specific objectives: the mind menu to work the mind and improve the mood; the power menu for a day full of strength and energy; the immunity menu to strengthen the immunity system; and the reset menu to help with digestion and the regulation of the digestive system. The ingredients used are always from local producers, preferably organic, and there are no refined sugars, dairy, or gluten products.

On our visit, we tried the immunity menu. We started with a caprese bruschetta with cashew mozzarella (yes, that's right, there is a vegan cheese option here!) and enjoyed the braised tuna with salad (with sesame seeds, turmeric quinoa, avocado, and carrots). An appetizing and healthy option... that couldn't have been better! To finish off, a hazelnut and strawberry pancake. We accompanied the meal with an orange, carrot and ginger juice.

"The Therapist" is the perfect place to relax and enjoy a moment of gluttony because, besides the menu, the atmosphere is very calm and full of good energies - and, on sunny days, we suggest you enjoy your lunch on the terrace.

With excellent service, a friendly staff that welcomes you with an easy smile, and a differentiating concept, there are plenty of reasons to add lunch at "The Therapist" to your agenda.

Cool tip: In "The Therapist" online store you can buy some of the ingredients used in the restaurant’s menus. Among others, you will find sweet and salty granolas, blends, and reset kits.


From Monday to Sunday: from 9am to 10pm