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In Bocca Al Lupo

The first organic pizzeria in Lisbon

From Italian roots and memories of family moments making pizzas in a firewood oven, In Bocca Al Lupo was born, the first organic pizzeria in Lisbon!

Ágata, who manages the place together with her mother and brother, kindly told us all about this great dream they had about opening a genuine Italian spot, in order to keep their family history alive, especially because it was her great-grandmother who opened the first Italian restaurant in Lisbon in the 1940s.

All of the ingredients are organic – another family habit and legacy – and many of them arrive directly from the producers. This fair relationship with those who produce the best ingredients is part of the restaurant's identity, but it also translates into premium flavors. However, this care goes beyond food: the detergents used are eco-friendly and there are many efforts in reducing the use of plastic.

The pizzas are delicious, there's just no way around it. Its extremely thin crust, combined with the freshness and authenticity of its ingredients, make this place a must-stop for Italian food lovers. We tried several pizzas and it wasn’t easy picking the ones we liked the most. However, we must highlight Affumicatta and Pizza Outono (which is only on the menu during the colder seasons).

It’s impossible not to emphasize the great hospitality with which we were welcomed. We met a large, happy team that knows how to receive its guests and with a whole lot of love for the art of cooking – just like a big Italian family!

Cool Tip: There are vegan options, as well as gluten-free pizza dough, making it the perfect place for dinner with friends, where no one feels left out!


Wednesday to Monday: 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM.
Closed on Tuesday.