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Fábrica dos Sabores

the magic of handmade flavors

They had been dreaming about Fábrica dos Sabores (Flavor Factory) a long time. Finally, Ciro and Onélia, husband and wife, gave life to their dream on the Defensores de Chaves Avenue.

Onélia’s father owned a bakery in Venezuela during the 60s and that is why the former civil engineer wanted to provide locals with only the best homemade bread, kneaded by hand and baked in a firewood oven. Ciro’s Italian roots contributed with their culinary knowledge and thus an artisan bakery and pastry shop with genuine Italian cuisine was born.

Fábrica dos Sabores favors natural ingredients and organic products. Everything is created from scratch by its chefs, behind a transparent glass, so that everyone can enjoy the magic while it’s happening. It is there that appetizing salads, toasty sandwiches and crispy pizzas that seem to have come directly from Italy, are whipped up.

A large, beautiful and cared for space, Fábrica dos Sabores doesn’t go unnoticed to those who stroll along the Avenue. The delicious aroma of hot bread and the warm atmosphere invites us to come in...


Every day: 08:00 am - 08:00 pm | Closed: 25th Dec and 1st Jan