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Matiz Pombalina

Searching for perfection

Matiz Pombalina has serving with quality and providing a memorable experience as its main mission. And that perfectionism comes through in their creations - small things are made with care to produce an amazing final result.

Cocktails are kings of this space. Matiz Pombalina can create all classical cocktail recipes and, even more than that, has premium cocktails where you only choose the main drink (all else is chosen by the barman, who creates a completely customized drink).

Besides the cocktails, there's a choice of other drinks and snacks that go well with relaxed conversations following a hard day's work. Modernity, prestige and elegance are words that perfectly represent this bar, and its careful decor - with obvious references to the Pombaline age - invites us to return many times.

Cool Tip: If you're looking for a space for a private and elegant event, Matiz Pombalina is a good choice.


Tue-Sat: 7:00pm - 10:00pm