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Hot Clube de Portugal

Jazz Hot Hot Hot

There’s no doubt that this is a place to be thrilled by Jazz, and those who enter are welcomed as if it were a private club; no wonder this club is counted in the top 100 in the world! But rest assured, the space is not private and you are sure to feel welcomed. HCP has been a landmark in Jazz history ever since 1948. Here you’ll find drinks, a terrace, socializing, but what truly captivates here is the reason for its existence: Jazz.

It’s easy to see that those who manage this space do it for the love of music, and that passion naturally finds a place in those who come by.

One normally has to pay to get in, because there almost always is a live band delighting anyone who enjoys this musical style. Some days you might find great names of Jazz music, other days just good musicians, and according to that, the admittance price may vary. However, since this is a club, you might be able to get in for free if you become a member, some exceptions notwithstanding. But keep in mind, the club charter say you will be a part of the “Promotion of Jazz Music” movement, so if you do become a member you should hold up your end.


Tue – Sat: 10:00pm – 02:00am | Closed: Dec 25th