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Cinco Lounge

cocktails and super cocktails

Where to drink cocktails in Lisbon? Surely, everyone is going to point you to this spot, and not because there aren’t any other ones, but because this is "THE" place to go if you enjoy tasty blends, alcoholic or not.

The cocktail list is extensive and varied, there are more than 100 suggestions to try, but if you’re confused, ask the staff, they will surely find a way to please your taste and preferences. You can't miss it, with a smile on their face and always willing to help, the whole team stands out for its sympathy and animation.

The owners are of English origin, and the atmosphere breathes a bit of that cosmopolitan provenance. In fact, the decoration doesn’t lie, in every little detail we spot the British presence: on the tables, in the colors... Behind the bar, a colorful array of bottles will catch your eye as soon as you walk in, making you immediately aware that this place promises. The international vibe, the bold decor, and the soft lighting make you want to stay!

If you don't drink alcohol, you will also be welcome at Cinco Lounge, especially since the huge list offers several non-alcoholic cocktails for those who prefer them. This is the ideal place to start a fun evening, with a more classical or more contemporary option, among friends, always with a pleasant soundtrack, over which you can hear and be heard.

The idea at Cinco Lounge is to enjoy relaxed and easygoing moments, tasting the flavor of delicious and sophisticated cocktails. Going out for a drink can be an incredible moment, and Cinco Lounge proves it very well.

Cool Tip: Cinco Lounge also promotes cocktail workshops. The moment is not only for learning, but also for fun – gather your friends and start exploring the art of blending.


Every day: 09:00 pm - 02:00 am