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O Bom O Mau e O Vilão

Where film intersects with art

It was the Clint Eastwood movie – The Good The Bad and The Ugly (“O Bom O Mau e O Vilão”) – who gave this bar its name. But this bar is not just about movies. Its great location, quirky decor, nice atmosphere and good supply of drinks, make this a multifaceted space, which is well worth a visit ... or more than one!

Situated on the Cais do Sodré, this bar has its very own personality. Upon entering, we noticed that the structure continues to be that of a flat, thus presenting several rooms, but each one with its own identity. In each room there is a new discovery and the fantastic décor allows for a trip to a world where film intersects with art, all with a vintage flair, provided by the furniture. On the walls, there are always temporary exhibitions by emerging artists, whose works are available for purchase.

It is a comfortable space, ideal for an evening of good conversation between friends. The drinks menu is vast, and this cool space stands out not only because of the quantity of cocktails and gins it serves, but also because of their quality. Entertainment is also varied and anyone can enjoy happy hour – from 18:00 to 21:00 – during which many types of drinks are served at a reduced price.

As in the movie with the same name, there are several concepts and identities that intersect and that together transform this bar into such a charismatic place.


Mon - Thu: 07:00 pm - 02:00 am | Fri - Sat: 07:00 pm - 03:00 am