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TIER Mobility

TIER Mobility has arrived to Portugal, and with it, brought hundreds of electric scooters! Motivated by the confusion and turmoil that reign in the city's daily life, where it isn't easy to circulate, TIER proposes to solve this situation by promoting a world in which there's more room for what really matters: people!

TIER electric scooters, which reach a speed of between 11 and 15 miles per hour (18 - 25 km/h), will certainly come in handy. Whether to go from home to the bus stop or the subway, to go shopping, or just go for a stroll and relax, TIER's electric scooters are a good, fast and environmentally friendly alternative. There will be no more time lost in traffic, and you’ll be able to enjoy your time with greater freedom.

It's very easy to get started: just download the app (available for Android and iOS), create an account using your mobile number, associate the credit card, and... Voilà! You're ready to ride the city on wheels!

The cost of unblocking the scooter is one euro, and the price of use per minute is 15 cents. The only condition is to be over 18 years old, so don't wait any longer and try it!

Cool Tip: Lisbon is a city of dozens of squares and some of the most beautiful viewpoints of the country. Take advantage of your electric scooter and visit the little corners where your legs are too tired to reach!