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Mitó Creative Site is a project by the artist and environmental engineer Sara Matos Ferreira. Combining ceramics, jewelry, painting, and installations, this place is bringing a new life to the ancient workshop of Grandma Mitó - since 2017.

The name has everything to do with the concept: if the artist's works are related to her life experience, so is the name. Mitó was the nickname of Sara's grandmother, Emília, an entrepreneur woman who managed the old garage by herself for years.

After eight years working in engineering in the area of construction, Sara gave a new direction to her career and invested in art. After taking the jewelry course at Escola Contacto Directo and several ceramic formations at CENCAL in Caldas da Rainha, she felt that the next step should be the creation of Mitó Creative Site. Thus, was born this open space, which promotes art, encourages artists, and raises awareness for the valorization of artistic work.

Currently, 5 other artists work here: Rita Carrega, Alessandra Romani, Hana Tischler, Joaquim Baltazar and André Maia e Moura. Mitó Creative Site turns out to be a co-work and exhibition venue. There are always pieces on display, either by the artists themselves or by other creative minds who want to display their work here – all the more reasons to visit, right?

In this space, each piece is unique. You can order a special object, ask for help to create something unique with a workshop, or simply buy one of the pieces that artists produce – we confess that it was difficult to resist the temptation!

During our visit, we couldn't help but notice the tables on which the pieces were exposed. Mitó Creative Site is always looking for new partnerships, and this one was amazing. Produced by Diogo Belo, Join tables are not only beautiful - they are practical, easy to assemble, multifunctional, and versatile.

Mitó Creative Site is a unique and talented place that art lovers in all its forms must visit. To buy or order a special gift, to attend a workshop and fuel imagination, or just to get to know what is best done nationally, this visit is a must. In fact, who knows, maybe you’ll see your work displayed here!

Cool Tip: Keep an eye on Mitó's agenda and stay abreast of the events. Among markets, exhibitions, concerts, and workshops, there's always something going on. You don't want to be left out, do you?


Monday to Friday: from 1 p.m. to 7.30 p.m.