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Maria Granel


Maria Granel was the first organic bulk grocery store on national territory. Born from the passions of an Azorean and a woman from Minho, it brings together their love for what is natural, healthy, and irreplaceable.

The love for the natural world made the owners see the need to create a place that promotes healthy food and simultaneously aims to fight waste. Maria Granel is the ideal place to buy consciously and responsibly, discarding consumer habits so latent in today's society, and highlighting everything that effectively deserves it: ingredients produced in a sustainable way, which respect the values of fair trade and transport us to the imaginary of neighborhood grocery stores of the past.

Because it values what is good, Maria Granel offers a range of certified organic products that are proven to be more nutritious and have a positive impact on the ecosystem. In addition, in order to reduce the ecological footprint and fight against the scourge of plastic bags, it proposes the system of dispensers - you can bring your packaging from home and serve yourself directly, or opt for the cloth bags available!

Maria Granel has a strong social component that goes from its choice of national suppliers (based on organic agriculture, and with a very close relationship with producers who receive a fair-trade guarantee seal), to its very inclusive offer (which includes products for everyone: lactose-free, gluten-free, sugar-free, and 100% vegetable).

As for the offer, besides food products – tea, butter, jams, fruits, olive oil, eggs, vegetables, cereals, yogurts, etc. – you can also find here home accessories, hygiene products, zero waste kits, books, bags... Maria Granel also has an online store. If you prefer, you can get to know all the products from the sofa and receive them at home, with all the added convenience.

Stay tuned to Maria Granel's agenda. There are often events and workshops that promote the brand's core values – if you follow the blog you will always be up to date.

Cool Tip: If you are a producer or want to be a retailer, you can also contact the brand and help make this path towards a waste-free future.


Monday to Saturday: from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.