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Rua do Poço dos Negros' Eco-Friendly Shop

The number 27 has always been very present in the life of Kelly and her husband Julien. They got married when Kelly was 27, on May 27th (that's also Julien's birthday), Kelly's social security number ends in 27, and one of their kids was born at 9.27 a.m. (in the maternity bed number 27, of course). At one point, Kelly tattooed the number 27 on her arm - it's really part of her life - and when the couple decided to open their own place in Lisbon, the choice was obvious. Only products that Kelly, Julien and their 3 kids have tested and tried can enter 27Lisboa.

They moved to Portugal to embrace a more peaceful lifestyle, and came up with the idea of opening their own place, where they could display Kelly's work, she's a photographer, and where they could highlight their favorite products, resulting from sustainable production processes, and created by brands with a smaller ecological footprint.

The owners meet with each brand, try the products at home and in their daily lives, know the production processes, confirm that they're sustainable, create a link with the people behind the projects, and only then, attesting that all the products really are good, they bring them to 27Lisboa. There is one guarantee: if 27Lisboa's selling it, it deserves attention.

Not all products are eco-friendly, although the vast majority are. However, those who aren't have a strong reason to be there: they support local communities, come from small family projects, alert to an important issue, and/or contribute to noble causes. There's always something good associated with each product, and nothing here is sold simply because it's pretty or funny - the story is very important.

The diversity of items is a constant: nail polishes, toys for the kids, kitchen utensils, metal straws, soaps, vegan toothpaste, plasticine made with beeswax... There's a bit of everything, with great taste and constant novelties.

The decoration changes often, as do the items we find here, whether it's a photo exhibition on the walls or a brand which the couple discovered in their last trip to New York. 27Lisboa focuses on everyday projects, and it's guaranteed that you'll not leave this place empty-handed (did you know that even the bags are made of fabric to avoid waste?). We can only find good reasons to visit 27Lisboa as often as possible!

Cool Tip: At 27Lisboa everything is for sale, which means that if you fall in love with one of the furniture pieces where the products are displayed, you can buy it. Most of them is restored by Kelly and have a peculiar history!


Tuesday to Saturday: from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.