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Tapas and snacks

At Tapisco, Iberian cuisine is celebrated. The cozy and modern place invites us to share and allows us to taste Spanish and Portuguese dishes, perfectly crafted by Chef Henrique Sá Pessoa, who created the place in his way and promotes the gastronomy of both countries.

The menu is split in two sides – Portuguese and Spanish –, with the Spanish side having big Catalan influences.

Per the Chef’s suggestion, we chose the esqueixada de bacalao, the huevos rotos with Iberian morcilla and the Iberian pork presa. We accompanied the meal with the signature Tapisco cocktails – Príncipe (the smoothest), Monarca and Majestade (the most intense) – and became fans of everything, from the dishes to the place’s décor.

Tapisco celebrates friendship, dinner table discussion, laughter and impromptu debates. And that’s exactly what makes Tapisco an excellent restaurant. Besides the marvelous, traditional and tempting dishes, the place’s comfort elevates the experience to a whole new level. We didn’t expect anything less from this restaurant of Chef Henrique Sá Pessoa but we confess, the Chef still managed to surprise us anyway!

Cool Tip: The bartender prepares cocktails turned towards the window and, while crossing the street, you can see the cocktails being created before you enter. Enjoy the show before picking yours!


Every day: 12:00 PM – 12:00 AM