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Sauvage – Restaurante Bar


At number 9 on Avenida António Serpa, Sauvage has a tropical décor and a menu that mixes gastronomic references from various parts of the world. It first opened in May 2019, and it is divided between the indoor area and the terrace, making it perfect for a relaxed moment in a cosmopolitan atmosphere.

The venue welcomed us with a cocktail list with unusual names. There are 12, including the King Kong, but we cannot help but highlight the Mowgli or the Mojito that we recommend without hesitation. The menu at Sauvage, in turn, is a world waiting to be discovered: here the focus is on fusion cuisine, combining flavors from different countries and continents.

Among appetizers, fish and meat options, and desserts, we cannot help but suggest the burrata, the smoked duck nigiri with orange teriyaki sauce, or the pork tacos (with lettuce, meat, and barbecue sauce). It is also impossible not to mention the incredible eggs sauvage or the crab served in a tomato-shell cake. For dessert, the white chocolate panna cotta delightfully impressed us, as did the caramelized lime pie and the chocolate mousse with mascarpone. We were left with dozens of references to try - which means we will have to come back to explore the rest of the menu, especially since this is a journey through the flavors of the world and traveling (especially without leaving Lisbon) is always wonderful.

Sauvage takes us on an adventure of contrasts without ever failing in the flavors, the textures, or the preparation - in each dish there is the rigor of someone who works to share what they do best, and this is felt not only in each bite, but also in all the good energy that permeates each conversation.

Cool Tip: Sauvage has a bar area right at the entrance, perfect for sipping a cocktail before or after dinner - you really cannot leave without trying one of these signature drinks.


Monday to Saturday: from 12 p.m. to 3.30 p.m. and from 7 p.m. to 11.30 p.m.